Zouvanis: Toolkit always available

In the late hours of the evening, a Russian guest staying at the Odessa Hotel in Protaras faced a distressing situation. He approached the Reception with a tale of misfortune—he had been walking along the public beach pathway near the Silver Sands hotel when his mobile phone slipped from his grasp and disappeared beneath a wooden deck.

Enter Zouvanis, a dedicated headwaiter at the hotel, who happened to keep a toolkit in his car for any unforeseen circumstance. Despite the location being a distance of 1-2 kilometers away from his workplace, Zouvanis readily sprung into action. The challenge was compounded by the darkness, making the search for the phone beneath the deck all the more daunting.

Undeterred by the conditions, Zouvanis displayed remarkable tenacity and technical expertise. With unwavering persistence, he was able to locate the elusive phone and return it to its grateful owner. This act went far beyond the realms of his official responsibilities, yet it exemplified his genuine commitment to assisting others in times of need—an embodiment of true hospitality.

The story of Zouvanis at the Odessa Hotel in Protaras is a testament to the extraordinary lengths some individuals are willing to go to, driven by a genuine desire to help and make a positive impact.


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