Inclusive Hospitality: Going Beyond for Thomas

Inclusive Hospitality: Going Beyond for Thomas

Hospitality took on a special meaning when Thomas, a lone traveler with Down syndrome, arrived at our hotel. While routine for us, his experience was entirely new and unfamiliar.

Despite the initial uncertainty, our team’s intuition and attention kicked in. Thomas was welcomed warmly, with Christina leading the way to his room, ensuring he felt at ease.

Recognizing the need for individual care, various team members stepped in. From guiding him through meals to providing companionship during his stay, our team went above and beyond to make him feel safe and valued.

In moments of distress, our commitment to Thomas never wavered. We stayed by his side, offering support and comfort, making him feel secure.

As his stay came to an end, Christina packed his belongings, organized his documents, and saw him off. His departure was marked by a heartfelt letter from his father, thanking us for making Thomas’s vacation truly special.

Thomas’s story redefines hospitality. Our team’s genuine care transformed his experience into a personal mission. In our commitment to making him feel welcome, we demonstrated that hospitality goes beyond service – it’s about fostering inclusivity, kindness, and genuine friendship for every guest.


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