Maria Vr.: Gynaecologist urgently needed!

Maria Vroullou, from Louis Paphos Breeze Hotel, recounts a poignant summer afternoon in 2022. A guest entered the reception area, visibly distraught and in tears. Reacting promptly, I approached her along with her husband, attempting to offer solace amidst her evident agitation. She revealed that she was six months pregnant and gripped by fear of losing a baby she had fought ardently to conceive.

Without hesitation, I reached out to my gynecologist, who graciously agreed to assess her situation despite being off-duty. Together, we swiftly escorted her to the doctor’s office via taxi. With meticulous attention, the gynecologist examined her and determined hospitalization was necessary due to dilation. While anxiety tugged at me, I remained a steadfast presence, providing her with unwavering encouragement.

Returning to the hotel, I arranged their preferred meals and came back to check on them the following morning. As they organized their belongings, I continued to support them. This routine extended for a week during her treatment. When she emerged from the clinic, weakened but recovering, I continued my vigilant care. Each day, I felt a profound mix of joy and fulfillment in my ability to assist.

Upon their departure, our connection remained, evolving into a close and almost sibling-like friendship that endures to this day. The joy was mutual when I recently received messages from her, accompanied by photos of her newborn


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