Nikos Kasiouris: Philoxenist 2022

Nicos is an exceptional individual who embodies the true spirit of Cyprus Hospitality, as echoed by numerous guest reviews. The following text is a collection of sentiments shared by guests who have had the privilege of encountering his hospitality.

PERSONALITY: Nicos is not only kind and polite but also a truly lovely man who genuinely cares about the hotel and its guests. His genuine concern makes every guest feel valued and appreciated.

“Nicos is exceptionally friendly, unlike other hotel managers. He actively engages with his staff to ensure you have a fantastic holiday. Every other member of the staff was also helpful and professional. This was undoubtedly the best holiday we’ve had in Protaras, and we’ve been here 18 times. We’ll be seeing you all again very soon. Thank you for a wonderful holiday.”

HOSPITALITY: Nicos embodies the definition of hospitality. With his friendly demeanor, sweet disposition, and a warm smile, he creates an atmosphere of comfort and welcome. Even during late hours, he greets you as if you’re a guest in his own home, making you feel right at home. He not only welcomes you but also becomes a friend during your stay. His farewell is equally remarkable.

SOCIABILITY: Nicos adds a personal touch by offering gifts and engaging in meaningful conversations. His charm, hospitality, and sociability uplift everyone’s mood from day one. He interacts with every guest, making them feel at home and creating an environment that resonates throughout the entire staff.

Nicos is always present and ready to chat, ensuring the guests’ needs are met. His attentive listening and engagement reflect his customer-centered care. He’s easily approachable, always available to address any concerns or queries.

PROFESSIONALISM: Nicos is a pleasure to interact with and excels at his role. He demonstrates genuine care and a desire to provide exceptional service to his guests. He leads the hotel with enthusiasm and patience.

His service is impeccable, and he is always eager to assist with any request. Nicos is committed to keeping guests content, and his constant visibility and availability make him an invaluable resource for any queries.

“Nicos sets a remarkable example by actively engaging with his customers and seeking their feedback. He listens attentively and ensures that every detail is attended to, creating the wonderful ambiance of the hotel.” “Nicos goes above and beyond his duties, and there is no task too difficult for him.”

A Glimpse of Nicos’s Attitude: On the third day, I lost my phone at a restaurant outside of town. Those who have experienced losing a phone can understand the gravity of the situation. I approached Nikos and explained my predicament. He sat me down at his desk, generously offered me access to his phone and computer to contact my phone company in the UK. Immediately afterward, he handed me his car keys, saying, “Take my car and search the restaurant for your phone.” I found my phone tucked between menus at the restaurant. If it weren’t for Nicos’s kindness, understanding, and genuine helpfulness, I would have gone without my iPhone 10 for another week until returning home. Andrew N wrote this review in July 2019.

Nicos’s exceptional character and dedication shine through in every aspect of his interaction with guests. He is a true asset to the hotel and a shining example of Cypriot Philoxenia.


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