Philoxenist Awards – How to apply

Τhis is a detailed framework for preparing nominations for the Hospitality Awards. This framework provides guidance on how to document and prepare applications for different categories based on guest reviews and experiences. Here’s a summarized breakdown of the steps and categories mentioned in the framework:

A. How to Proceed to Prepare and Document Your Application:

  1. Document Social Media Reviews and Official Questionnaires: Collect guest reviews and feedback from social media platforms and official questionnaires.
  2. Evaluate Corresponding Trait and Category: Match the collected feedback to the appropriate trait and category from the provided categories.
  3. Textualize Your Nomination: Write a nomination that explains how the individual meets the criteria for the selected trait and category. Support the nomination with images or videos.

Seven Categories to Philoxenism:

  1. Individual Traits: Personal traits and characteristics based on guest reviews findings.
  2. Interpersonal Traits: Traits related to interpersonal interactions based on guest reviews findings.
  3. Socializing Traits: Socializing traits and characteristics based on guest reviews findings.
  4. Talents & Character: Special talents and branded characters of individuals based on guest reviews findings.
  5. Job & Service Skills: Job skills and service standards based on guest reviews findings.
  6. Job Service Performance: Job performance and service delivery based on guest reviews findings.
  7. Experience: Guest special moments and service experiences based on guest reviews findings.

The framework provides specific examples and descriptions for each category, such as traits that can be highlighted, qualities to emphasize, and moments to mention. It also encourages focusing on creating memorable experiences for guests.

If you have any questions or need more detailed information, the provided email address can be contacted for further explanations. This framework seems to be a helpful tool for individuals or businesses looking to participate in the Hospitality Awards and showcase their excellence in various aspects of hospitality.


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