Maria (Pastry Chef): The Doukissa Experience

Exceptional hotels recognize the significance of crafting personalized vacation encounters. Each guest’s desires are met in imaginative, considerate ways. Such was the case for a young couple residing in Switzerland, who nurtured a longing to savor their treasured cake, the “doukissa” or “lazy cake.” Upon discovering the hotel’s captivating poolside cooking demonstrations, their curiosity about the next doukissa presentation emerged. However, an even more splendid proposition unfolded.

Promptly, they received an invitation to partake in an exclusive “Doukissa” crafting ceremony led by the pastry chef. This wasn’t merely an observation; they were active participants, working side by side with Chef Maria Anastasiou.

Yet, the tale didn’t culminate there. The hotel extended an invitation for them to luxuriate in an idyllic afternoon by the lifestyle pool. Adding to the delight, they were granted the privilege of indulging in the cake they themselves had created.

This account narrates an exquisite, considerate hotel encounter, masterfully orchestrated by one of Ayia Napa’s premier establishments. It stands as a testament to the art of hospitality, showcasing how genuine care and thoughtfulness can transform a stay into an unforgettable journey.


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