Yianna: Carefulness, beyond Job !

Hats off to Yianna, who exhibited remarkable emotional prowess in handling a delicate social situation. A customer, grappling with the recent loss of his brother, sought solace in excessive drinking, leading to a negative social demeanor. With his constant inebriation and discourteous behavior, he posed a challenge. In her moment of desperation, his wife turned to Yianna, seeking compassion for her husband’s struggles.

Yianna’s response, however, went beyond providing solace to the distressed wife. The next morning, she actively reached out to the man, engaged in a heartfelt conversation, and extended her listening ear. Her advice resonated deeply, encouraging him to eschew alcohol and instead embody strength and guidance for his brother’s young children—his nephews.

Remarkably, from that pivotal encounter onward, he abstained from alcohol entirely. His wife was left without words to express her gratitude to Yianna for engineering this profound transformation in her husband.

Yianna’s actions stand as a testament to her remarkable ability to navigate complex emotional terrain, offering support, guidance, and ultimately, fostering a positive change that extended beyond the individual to positively impact his family.


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