Nicos Kasiouris: Why the manager gave his car to a guest

Nicos Kasiouris: The Manager’s Gesture of Giving His Car to a Guest

During his stay at the Blue Ivy Hotel in Protaras, Andrew N had a memorable experience that he felt compelled to share on TripAdvisor. He recounted his story: “On the third day of my vacation, I had the unfortunate incident of losing my phone at a restaurant outside of town. Anyone who’s lost a phone understands the gravity of such a situation. I decided to take up Nikos, the manager, on his offer. I knocked on his office door and explained my predicament. He welcomed me in, seated me at his desk, and generously provided access to his phone and computer, enabling me to contact my phone company in the UK and beyond.”

Continuing his narrative, Andrew N went on: “Without hesitation, Nikos handed me his car keys and said, ‘Take my car. Go and search the restaurant for your phone.’ Fueled by his kindness, understanding, and sincere willingness to assist, I embarked on my quest. Ultimately, I found my phone nestled amidst a menu at the restaurant. This fortunate turn of events was solely made possible by the exceptional compassion and helpful demeanor of the hotel manager. Thanks to him, I didn’t have to endure being without my iPhone 10 for the remaining week until I returned home.”

Andrew N acknowledged the potential bias that this remarkable act of kindness may have introduced into his review: “While it’s evident that my perception may have been influenced by this event, I want to emphasize that my positive opinion of this charming hidden gem of a hotel in Protaras was formed based on my initial impressions and the manager’s consistently outstanding attitude towards the guests.”

In this heartwarming account, Nicos Kasiouris, the manager, displayed exceptional hospitality and went above and beyond to ensure the comfort and well-being of his guests.

Story of The Blue Ivy Hotel & Suites, Protaras.

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