How to arrange a wedding dress for a surprised bride

How to Arrange a Wedding Dress for a Surprise Bride

With just one day left before the wedding ceremony, the bride found herself without a wedding dress. Despite visiting several wedding shops, none of the dresses seemed to meet Viktoria’s expectations. But how did this situation unfold? Let’s uncover the story behind it.

After Tamas proposed to Viktoria, this Hungarian couple embarked on a holiday. It was Tamas’s plan all along, and he reached out to the PR manager, Katerina, to share his vision and seek assistance. He aimed to orchestrate a surprise wedding ceremony for Viktoria.

Tamas had nearly everything in place; the only remaining task was finding the perfect bridal dress. Viktoria was informed about this just 24 hours prior to the ceremony—an unexpected twist that brought both excitement and urgency. With little time to spare, Katerina took it upon herself to guide Viktoria to select boutiques renowned for their bridal attire. Despite trying on a few dresses, none seemed to resonate with Viktoria’s taste.

Recognizing the time constraints, Katerina devised a game-changing plan. She returned home and retrieved her own bridal dress, offering it to Viktoria to try on. This ingenious idea turned out to be the ideal solution. The surprises didn’t stop there. On the actual wedding day, just moments before the ceremony, a host of unanticipated friends and relatives arrived, turning the event into a cherished memory that would last a lifetime.

Thanks also to Katerina! Story of Katka Zselenakova of Adams Beach Hotel, Ayia Napa

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