Natasa: Virtual Holidays during pandemic!

It has occurred millions of times that people were unable to travel during the pandemic. What Natasha did to deeply impress a devoted returning couple was truly remarkable!

Through a WhatsApp chat, an elderly couple expressed their disappointment at not being able to embark on their planned travels. Natasha conceived a brilliant plan to delight them, and here’s what she accomplished: The senior couple enjoyed a virtual vacation that spanned two weeks.

Each day, they received a dose of “kalimeras” (Greek for “good morning”), along with updates, videos, and images from the hotel. They were provided with weather forecasts, menus, snapshots of the beach, and other valuable insights. They were even sent pictures taken from the balcony of their cherished room, overlooking the picturesque beach and harbor of Ayia Napa. The couple also received photos and videos from restaurant events, bar entertainments, as well as warm regards and friendly conversations from other staff members.

The couple couldn’t have been more grateful and appreciative for this outstanding gesture, which allowed them to experience a glimmer of sunshine and the vacation spirit during their quarantine at home. Natasha deserves a resounding round of applause for displaying such empathy, hospitality, and inspiration.


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