Amarante Hotel: A metamorphosis

AMARANTE Hotel represents a transformative step forward from the cherished BELLA NAPA Hotel. Naturally, the renovations have led to distinct shifts in pricing and a change in the demographic of older patrons. The new ambiance introduces fresh features and expectations, thereby diluting the once-familiar sense.

Hailing from a rural Swiss background, a determined family set out to witness the metamorphosis and the warm-hearted staff. These unassuming individuals, radiating a modest and uncomplicated demeanor, visibly found themselves ill at ease amidst a diverse clientele flaunting varied styles and economic capacities. The hotel’s longstanding team, with whom they shared a close bond, dedicated themselves to ensuring their comfort persisted, just as before. This message echoed through all departments. Their genial conduct and approach dissipated the foreign notion of “we don’t quite belong here!” and instead nurtured a sentiment of hearty welcome.

The holiday sojourn overflowed with delightful experiential moments. Upon departure, yet another delightful surprise awaited: a limousine taxi complete with thoughtful amenities like champagne and strawberries, ensuring a memorable exit. A remarkable “wow” moment! Upon reaching the airport, a dedicated escort attended to these “VIP patrons from yesteryears,” while a skilled butler saw to their baggage. In light of a recent leg sprain, a wheelchair-accompanied escort guided her through to the departure gate. In a note of gratitude, the words seemed inadequate to capture the extent of the extraordinary, unforgettable encounter. “You treated us like royalty, even as we cherish our own simple way of life.” This embodies the true essence of hospitality!


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