Smaragda: Fetch for broken souvenir glasses

Exemplary Solution: A Toast to Smaragda’s Quick Thinking

In the realm of inevitable mishaps, individuals like Smaragda shine as beacons of positive change.

She,  a dedicated housekeeping supervisor, found herself facing a unique challenge during her duties. While attending to a guest’s room, a fellow maid inadvertently shattered a prized collection of wine glasses from the previous night’s Wine Festival, which the guest had procured as souvenirs. The news of this mishap swiftly reached the ears of the supervisor, leaving her with a singular imperative: to rectify the situation promptly.

With her characteristic proactive spirit, she embarked on a mission to salvage the situation. She took it upon herself to go the extra mile, journeying to the Wine Festival to secure a fresh set of glasses. Remarkably, she managed to obtain the replacement set before the guests even detected the absence of the original glasses from their room. A feat worth celebrating indeed – bravo!

Smaragda’s swift resolution of a potentially disheartening situation embodies the ethos of going beyond the call of duty. Her dedication not only showcases her commitment to guest satisfaction but also epitomizes the values upheld by our establishment. In the grand tapestry of hospitality,  Smaragda’s efforts stand as a testament to the enduring impact of genuine care and meticulousness.


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