Soteris’ Exceptional Care for a Disabled Guest

Transforming Frustration into Delight: Sotiris’ Exceptional Care for a Disabled Guest

In the world of hospitality, challenges can arise unexpectedly, putting the skills and commitment of the staff to the test. This story is a true testament to how a dedicated team member can turn a situation of frustration into one of heartfelt gratitude and delight.

A disabled guest and her husband arrived at the hotel with a sense of anticipation for a relaxing stay. However, their excitement turned to disappointment when they discovered that a crucial piece of equipment for disabled guests was missing from their room. This unforeseen hiccup threatened to dampen their experience, leaving them feeling frustrated and disheartened.

The husband, taking charge of the situation, reached out to the reception, voicing his concerns and demanding swift resolution. The challenge for the hotel was twofold – not only did they need to procure the missing equipment, but they also had to do so on a Sunday, with the supplier located an hour away in Limassol.

In this moment, Sotiris, the Chief Engineer, rose to the occasion. Recognizing the urgency and sensitivity of the situation, he sprang into action, demonstrating his dedication to ensuring a positive guest experience. He personally reached out to the supplier, appealing to their goodwill and securing their assistance, even on a day typically reserved for family time.

Through his persuasive efforts, Sotiris convinced the supplier to open his shop and prepare the necessary equipment. In a remarkable display of commitment, the missing equipment was swiftly obtained and set up in the guest’s room within a mere two and a half hours.

The guest and her husband were not just relieved – they were genuinely moved by the lengths to which the hotel had gone to accommodate their needs. What began as frustration was transformed into profound thankfulness and delight. The couple’s initial disbelief gave way to gratitude, as they realized that the hotel had gone above and beyond to ensure their comfort and satisfaction.

Sotiris’ quick thinking, determination, and genuine care for the guest’s well-being turned this situation into a heartwarming story of exemplary service. His actions exemplify the core principles of hospitality – to anticipate needs, exceed expectations, and provide a level of care that resonates deeply with each guest.

For his exceptional dedication, this heartwarming tale received the second prize in the Cypria Filoxenia Award 2018. Sotiris’ actions stand as a shining example of how, even in the face of challenges, a single individual can make a profound impact on the guest experience, turning frustration into everlasting delight.


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