Animators: Going the Extra Swim for a Handicapped Guest

Angus and David: Going the Extra Mile for a Handicapped Guest’s Recovery

In the heart of the hospitality industry, true heroes emerge – individuals who go above and beyond to make a lasting impact on their guests’ lives. Angus and David, two dedicated animators, exemplify the essence of compassion, dedication, and selflessness that defines exceptional hospitality.

Imagine a repeat guest who, on this occasion, was grappling with the aftermath of a stroke. His journey to recovery was no easy feat, and he found solace in returning to a familiar haven – the hotel where he had enjoyed previous stays. However, this time was different; his physical abilities had been compromised, and he was seeking ways to regain a sense of normalcy and enjoyment.

This is where Angus and David stepped in. During their own breaks and free time, they recognized an opportunity to make a significant impact on this guest’s life. Instead of merely going through the motions, they chose to invest their time and energy into creating a life-changing experience for him.

The handicapped guest’s desire to swim again provided the perfect platform for Angus and David to showcase their dedication. With compassion as their driving force, they volunteered their time to assist him in regaining his confidence and joy in the water. Each day, they took him to the sea, offering a helping hand as he bravely swam and navigated the waves. Their presence, support, and encouragement became a source of strength for the guest’s physical and emotional recovery.

Their actions were not motivated by recognition or compensation – they were fueled by a genuine desire to make a difference in someone’s life. The handicapped guest, undoubtedly touched by this act of kindness, expressed his gratitude in a simple yet powerful comment: “It was a lifetime experience for me! I will return in August.”

Angus and David’s dedication transcended the boundaries of their roles as animators. In their unwavering commitment to the guest’s well-being and recovery, they exemplified the true essence of hospitality – the willingness to go above and beyond for the betterment of others. Their actions undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the guest’s heart and soul, proving that genuine care and selflessness can transform a hotel stay into a life-changing experience.

The story of Angus and David serves as a reminder that within the hospitality industry, true heroes are those who extend their hands and hearts to uplift others, even in their personal time. Their actions showcase the profound impact that individuals can have when they embrace the core values of compassion, dedication, and going the extra mile to create unforgettable moments of healing and joy.


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