Chrystalla: A maid who acts than a grandmother

A Hotel Maid’s Heartwarming Grandmotherly Care

Within the bustling walls of the Aeneas Hotel resides a remarkable individual named Chrystalla, whose role as a maid extends far beyond the confines of her job description. In the heart of this family-friendly hotel, she finds herself in an environment that perfectly aligns with her immense love for children. To her, it’s more than a workplace; it’s a place of genuine care and compassion.

With the heart of a grandmother, Chrystalla weaves a tapestry of affection for the young guests she encounters. One of her endearing practices is to gather little treasures from the lost and found, then delight in the simple joy of presenting them to children, eliciting their radiant smiles. To her, each child becomes an extension of her own family. The collection of drawings and notes of gratitude from these children, tender tokens of their appreciation, stand as a testament to the meaningful connections she forges.

In her art of gentle negotiation, Chrystalla keeps a stash of small gifts on her trolley, ready to share them with the young ones. This simple barter not only lights up the faces of these children but also serves as a clever tool to encourage well-behaved behavior as she carries out her duties.

But it’s not just in the realm of presents and trinkets that Chrystalla’s care is evident. The safety and security of the little ones occupy a special place in her heart. She and her fellow maids make it a mission to ensure that any child who may be lost or unattended is safeguarded until their parents’ return. Their vigilant watchfulness speaks volumes about the familial atmosphere that pervades the Aeneas Hotel.

In her own words, Chrystalla shares, “I love working with small children. I feel more like a grandmother than a hotel maid.” This statement encapsulates the depth of her devotion and the profound impact she has on the young lives she touches.

Bravo, Chrystalla! Your embodiment of grandmotherly warmth, care, and love within the context of a hotel maid’s role is nothing short of extraordinary. Your story, as shared by Liza Charalambous of Aeneas Hotel in Ayia Napa, stands as a heartwarming testament to the power of compassion and connection in creating cherished memories for young guests and their families.


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