Elvicky: Lost and Found; A Bunny’s Magical Adventure

Lost and Found: A Bunny’s Magical Adventure

As common as it is for children’s beloved toys to go astray, the journey that unfolded for little Eleftheria’s bunny was far from ordinary.

What occurred next was more than just a retrieval – it was a tale of enchantment and imagination, a moment that exemplified the power of hospitality when handled with care.

Hailing from Thessaloniki, a family departed our hotel, only to realize that their daughter’s cherished bunny was left behind. Their plea for its return set the stage for an extraordinary endeavor. Elvicky, our diligent secretary, discovered the bunny among the “Lost Items” and hatched a beautiful plan.

The following day, as the family stood in Thessaloniki’s arrivals hall, an unexpected guest approached. With a smile, she handed over the missing bunny, accompanied by a heartwarming message: “Our beloved Freedom, it has been a pleasure to care for your bunny. The [hotel] team wishes you a Merry Christmas.” Imagine the sheer delight on the little girl’s face!

The story began with Elvicky’s swift action – she informed the parents about the bunny’s recovery and proposed a delightful surprise. With serendipity on their side, Elvicky’s mother happened to have a trip scheduled to Thessaloniki the next day. The stage was set, and the meeting was arranged, leaving the little one in a state of sheer wonderment.

Guests were captivated by the fairy-tale unfolding before them – an enchanting narrative that showcased the heart of our hospitality. The journey from loss to found not only returned the bunny but crafted a cherished memory, forever etched in the hearts of the family.

In this tale, Elvicky Dimou takes center stage, embodying the spirit of hospitality that seizes every opportunity to craft moments that transcend the ordinary, transforming them into extraordinary memories.


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