Elena Tofia: Treats and Treatment during Covid

Recovering a guest dicult experience at Olympic Lagoon Ayia Napa Repeater Guests arrived to the hotel in October 2021, only to be notified by the Ministry of Health that the son (17 years old) had tested positive.

As per the Governmental Covid Protocol had to be removed from the hotel but as a minor he would need to isolate under the protection of his parent.

The mother was distraught and did not wish to go to the Eden Hotel, which at the time was the isolation venue.

Elena Tofias, the Guest Services Manager, was made aware that the guest who had just finished Chemotherapy and was taking a holiday to Cyprus to celebrate, approached the guests with an alternative solution of finding private accommodation.

A private Accommodation with a pool was arranged by her, paid for by the guests insurance ensuring a nice villa in a nice location with extras such Wi-fI and Cable TV were available to add extra comfort.

It was arranged for the basic needs, while throughout their stay she kept in touch with them, sending them food and beverages from the hotel and chatted daily to the Mother (Mrs Melham) in order to ensure that all the family were ok, that the covid had not spread to other family members and that the son did not develop any heavy symptoms.

The guests were all given the all clear via PCR testing on the day of their departure. As the guests were leaving in the late afternoon, a transfer was arranged to spend their last day in the hotel and also arranged a private transfer to the Airport.

The mother was so moved by the care and attention from the hotel and the personal touch and recognised that Elena was going the extra mile every day to keep in touch she wrote to the company Chairman.

The end result is that the family kept in touch and have already visited the hotel once again, covid and cancer free and have already booked to return next year.

This is just one example of the empathy shown to the thousands of guests who we are honoured to welcome to the Olympic Lagoon Resort and the main reason they come back is that little personal touch and the one extra mile you take to touch somebody’s heart.


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