Amathus Hotel: Merry Early Christmas.

Every year, and for many years, a famous English couple celebrates Christmas at the Presidential Suite of the Amathus Beach Hotel. The decision of the board stressed the management: The hotel would close down for renovations as of mid of December. All the guests that already had a reservation should be informed.

A Cherished Christmas Surprise at the Amathus Beach Hotel

Year after year, an esteemed English couple has been celebrating their Christmas at the prestigious Presidential Suite of the Amathus Beach Hotel. However, a pivotal decision by the board added a new layer of challenge to the management: the hotel was scheduled for renovations starting mid-December. This required notifying all guests with existing reservations.

The news came as a disappointment to the well-known couple, who held a deep loyalty to the Amathus. Unwilling to spend their winter holidays elsewhere, they adjusted their plans, rescheduling their reservations for a month earlier and opting to celebrate Christmas in their own home. Yet, the hotel’s management had a remarkable plan up their sleeves.

The surprise began with a limousine awaiting their pickup—an unexpected delight. A heartfelt letter from the manager, extending “Merry Early Xmas” wishes, was accompanied by a chilled glass of champagne within the limousine. Festive touches and the melodies of Christmas carols filled the air, prompting the first traces of emotional tears.

Upon their arrival, the entire staff donned Santa hats and orchestrated a warm, joyful welcome, set to the backdrop of Christmas music. The couple was left in awe. Their suite, transformed into a haven of holiday spirit, was adorned with twinkling fairy lights, resounding carols, Christmas trees, and specially crafted “Merry Early Xmas” cards.

The pinnacle of this enchantment was a meticulously curated Christmas gala dinner. The menu exuded cheer, decorations adorned every corner, crackers added an element of fun, and music surrounded the festivities. The exchange of presents completed the magical evening.

But that was only the beginning. Daily reminders of the season awaited within their suite—sumptuous cookies, gingerbread, Christmas pudding, and joyful champagnes. Upon departure, the couple received a letter expressing gratitude, capturing their sentiments: “The best Christmas we’ve ever experienced… in mid-November, exceeding our wildest imagination.”

As an enduring keepsake, a farewell video of their extraordinary experience was gifted to them, allowing them to relive the magic while nestled in their own home. This orchestration by the hotel in the middle of November transformed into an embodiment of extraordinary hospitality, a promise renewed for future Christmas celebrations. The Amathus Beach Hotel had indeed crafted a timeless and unforgettable holiday experience.(2020)


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