Marios Perikleous: Chef Philoxenist

Chef Mario Pericleous, the embodiment of hospitality and culinary expertise at Elysium Hotel, crafts his own narrative within the Cypriot tourism industry. Customer comments on the internet paint a vivid portrait of Mario’s prowess and warm personality. While the omelette serves as a symbolic pretext, it is the amalgamation of his attributes that positions him as a paragon of the tourist experience and hospitality.

Mario’s mastery lies in the art of crafting omelettes, which he serves with not just a smile, but a song. His presence elevates the breakfast encounter beyond sustenance, transforming it into an integral part of an unforgettable holiday experience. Hailed as a star and a legend at Elysium, he ushers in the day with boisterous greetings, radiating warmth, hospitality, and friendliness. His genuine demeanor guarantees that each morning begins with a smile, evoking a sense of belonging, akin to being at home.

“I often skip breakfast at other hotels, but not at this one.” (Trail40528) Mario’s infectious joy and character are a rare sight, infusing a sense of delight into his work. His morning greetings kickstart the day on a positive note, and he doesn’t merely create omelettes – he conjures an uplifting experience. His evident morning happiness and contentment, coupled with engaging banter while preparing omelettes, are coupled with greetings in multiple languages. Waking up to his melody and vibrant, entertaining personality becomes an absolute pleasure. (dre102)

Regarded as the “best omelette chef in the world,” Mario sprinkles a touch of happiness into every omelette, earning him the moniker “Super Mario” from many.

However, it is not solely about omelettes; Mario’s communication skills resonate deeply, fostering a wonderful emotional connection. He exudes warmth towards children, sharing morning bananas and engaging with them.

“He has the best omelettes in Europe and certainly serves you with the best song!” (Simon T) “I need to give him some singing lessons on my next visit! (Gordon G).” Mario embodies professionalism, attentiveness to preferences, and cultivates an atmosphere where guests feel like old friends.

“He remembered my dad’s order, something my dad loved.”

“He’s polite and remembers you over time.” His infectious energy and character filling the space are an honor for the Elysium team.

“On our last day, he gifted us his homemade jam! We started wondering when we would return.”

“Our 8-year-old daughter rushed every morning to get ready for breakfast, and Mario, the fantastic omelette chef, was always her first stop! (Sharon K)

“No review of this hotel would be complete without a mention of Mario (the king of omelettes!) A true gem of the hotel.” (Darren G)


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