Demetra Karayianni: Restaurant Philoxenist 2022

Dimitra Karagianni Head Waitress The Ultimate Gem! Avanti Village, Paphos

Describing a lady as the ultimate gem is truly fitting. Hear what dozens of customers have to say about this captivating woman. Dimitra is a delightful, sweet, and lovable lady. She’s simply fantastic. “The highlight of our vacation!”

Her warmth and friendliness are always present. “Encountering such kindness while abroad is a true delight!” “Her beautiful smile makes us want to visit Paphos again and again!”

“She made us feel like part of the family from the start!” Dimitra’s kindness and radiance are exceptional. She always makes time for a quick chat, and her smile is cherished by all. She embodies warm hospitality and has a great sense of humor. “We enjoy talking to her, even when she’s busy; she always finds time to ask about our day!”

Dimitra tirelessly serves all guests, excelling in her role. “Her hard work is remarkable, especially considering she cares for four sons.”

Friendly, helpful, attentive—nothing is exaggerated. “If only everyone had her enthusiasm.” She’s not only good-hearted but also highly skilled. She takes care of guests personally, remembering preferences and paying great attention to detail.

Dimitra is a stellar professional, attentive and helpful. Her exceptional customer service guarantees a wonderful experience. “Always smiling and patient, she’s a star!” “She defines top-tier customer service and is a true asset to the hotel.” “The best waitress, hands down. Impressive English and service skills. I’d hire her in a heartbeat in England!”

Dimitra is a superb ambassador for the hotel—a true gem and a competitive advantage. “Dimitra was the highlight of my stay. She introduced me to traditional Cypriot dishes and greeted me daily with my favorite, tahini and pita! Such a beautiful person inside and out. She taught me about Cypriot culture and food. Thank you, Dimitra, for making my stay unforgettable.” (Sam Cor)

“She went above and beyond for us. Seeing her assist an elderly lady with her food touched us. Such staff truly enhances your vacation, especially when you need extra support.”

“She’s taught us much. When we missed breakfast, she arranged something special. Her friendly, professional, and caring nature is simply wonderful.” (Jenica Wharton)

Dimitra’s achievements and hospitality speak for themselves!


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