Andreas Alkiviades: Awarded Philoxenist 2022

Andreas Alkiviades shines as the prized gem in the crown of the Four Seasons, as attested by the heartfelt words shared by countless customers. Their reviews are a testament to the abundance of hospitality, warmth, and generosity that he carries within him.

Andreas embodies the very essence of Four Seasons-style hospitality and serves as its face. His welcome is not just hospitable; it is genuinely inviting and makes guests feel incredibly valued.

“The warmest welcome he provides sets the tone for the entire experience to follow.”

“His sincerity during the welcome gives a glimpse into the level of friendliness and professional service that awaits.”

Andreas is more than familiar with most guests, establishing personal connections with many. He exudes sociability, humor, and entertainment while always maintaining a discreet presence. In his company, you’ll feel like the sole focus of his attention.

His demeanor is characterized by kindness, warmth, empathy, and unwavering diligence. No task is too challenging when it concerns the comfort and happiness of the guests.

“His treatment feels as though you’re a distinguished figure over time (16th visit and counting). He can also make you feel like an old friend, depending on the occasion. His care, interest, and generosity shine through in his actions.”

“Yes, it’s part of his job, but his interactions are deeply personal, effortless, and truly heartfelt (just ask him about his mother!).”

“Andreas took the personal initiative to call my wife and wish her a happy birthday.”

“His transition to the Managerr of Guest Relations was a brilliant move. Formerly known as the Manager of Reception, he ensured guests’ stays went seamlessly. In his new role, he forges strong bonds with both returning and first-time visitors.”

“He’s likely the most passionate and tirelessly dedicated Director of Guest Services worldwide.”

“His devotion is unwavering, from the moment you arrive to the tearful farewell.”

Possessing the world’s most radiant and welcoming smile, Andreas is consistently reassuring and immensely likable. He goes above and beyond to guarantee each guest’s experience is exceptional.

“Andreas’s boundless passion for his work makes everyone feel cherished. If the world were filled with individuals like him, it would undoubtedly be a better place.”

“Andreas’s pride in his culture is evident. His enthusiasm in sharing insights into village life elevated one of my most memorable trips ever!”

Andreas is undoubtedly a gem for Four Seasons, and his influence extends to Cyprus itself. Perhaps it’s time to contemplate ways to replicate his exceptional qualities—an endeavor that would undoubtedly enrich both the Four Seasons and Cyprus.


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