Philoxenist of the Year: Yiannis Kontakinos

Yiannis (Giannis) Kontakinos

Here are 10 instances from more than 100 mentions in reviews (only in Tripadvisor) of 2023 that highlight the “wow” factor in Yiannis’s exceptional management at the resort:

Personal Room Inspection: Yiannis personally undertook the inspection of a guest’s room, ensuring a new mattress and bedding were arranged for a one-night stay. This hands-on approach and attention to detail left a lasting positive impression.

Transformative Guest Experience: After a guest expressed initial disappointment, Yiannis made a heartfelt apology and committed to turning the experience around. This resulted in a transformed holiday, with the manager keeping his word and ensuring the guests’ needs were met.

Late Check-Out Gesture: Yiannis promised and delivered a late check-out room for free on the guests’ last day, showcasing a proactive approach to enhance the overall experience.

Active Participation in Activities: Guests were pleasantly surprised by Yiannis’s involvement in activities, such as helping them win a photo task by posing with their youngest dressed as E.T. on his electric trike. This unexpected participation added a fun and memorable element to the guests’ stay.

Constant Availability and Personal Touch: Numerous reviews highlight Yiannis’s constant availability, personally greeting guests, and even waving them off as they departed on the coach. This level of personal engagement and attention contributed to the overall positive atmosphere.

Dedication to Problem Resolution: Yiannis was described as a genuine and dedicated manager who, upon encountering issues, went above and beyond to resolve them promptly. His commitment to guest satisfaction was evident in his hands-on approach.

Passionate Guest Relations: Described as an “outstanding” guest relations manager, Yiannis’s passion for his job and commitment to ensuring guests were happy stood out in multiple reviews.

Visible Leadership Style: Yiannis’s visible and interactive leadership style, such as scootering around the resort, participating in entertainment, and greeting guests, added a dynamic and engaging element to the overall guest experience.

Positive Transformation After Apology: A guest’s perception of the hotel completely changed after a heartfelt apology from Yiannis. The manager’s commitment to putting things right and changing the guest’s opinion resulted in a highly positive outcome.

Special Touch in Departure: Yiannis made it a point to personally say goodbye to each departing guest as they boarded the coach, adding a special and memorable touch to the end of their holiday.

These instances collectively showcase Yiannis’s ability to create “wow” moments by addressing challenges, delivering on promises, and actively engaging with guests to enhance their overall experience at the resort.


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