Aenias Hotel: Creating Lifelong Memories for Reggie, then 4 years old.

Aenias Hotel: Creating Lifelong Memories for Reggie and His Family

The heart of hospitality often shines brightest when it comes to making special memories for guests, and Reggie’s story at Aeneas Hotel is a testament to the genuine care and commitment of the staff there.

At the tender age of four, Reggie was fighting a battle no child should face – cancer. As he neared the end of his treatment, the wish charity “Starlight” stepped in to make Reggie’s dreams come true. His wish was simple yet profound: to be in a warm place, swim, and play on a pirate ship. Little did Reggie know that his wish would become an unforgettable chapter in his life.

Aeneas Hotel, with its pirate ship and warm hospitality, became the canvas for Reggie’s wishes to come alive. From the moment the family arrived in Cyprus, they were enveloped in a cocoon of care and warmth that went beyond being guests; they were embraced as part of the Aeneas family.

Upon arrival, the entire team greeted them, setting the tone for a week of extraordinary experiences. Surprises awaited them in their room – gifts, arrival drinks, and a host of special arrangements, including tickets to the water park and Luna park. A planned pirate ship boat tour was adapted when the family’s concern arose, but Aeneas Hotel was undeterred. They brought the magic to Reggie and his sisters by inviting a Jack Sparrow lookalike to meet and greet them in full pirate attire. The smiles and joy were palpable.

What sets Aeneas Hotel apart is its unwavering commitment to treating guests like family. Their hospitality resonated deeply with Reggie’s family, not just because of their unique situation, but because it’s a fundamental aspect of the Aeneas ethos. The hotel staff make every guest feel like they’re the only ones there, building relationships that transcend the boundaries of a typical hotel stay.

Reggie’s story is a testament to how hospitality can touch lives in profound ways, turning stays into lifelong memories. The love, care, and kindness extended by the Aeneas Hotel team transformed Reggie’s wish into reality and solidified their bond with the family. Reggie’s story reminds us that hospitality is more than just service; it’s about creating enduring connections and unforgettable moments that forever remain in the hearts of those touched by its magic.


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